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    • An overview of existing and promising technologies for national forest monitoring 

      Matieu, Henry; Réjou-Méchain, Maxime; Cifuentes-Jara, Miguel; Wayson, Craig; Piotto, Daniel; Westfall, James; Michel-Fuentes, José María; Alice-Guier, Federico; Castañeda-Lombis, Héctor; Castellanos-López, Edwin; Cuenca-Lara, Ruby; Cueva-Rojas, Kelvin; Águila-Pasquel, Jhon; Duque-Montoya, Álvaro; Fernández-Vega, Javier (Springer-Verlag France, 2015-09)
      The main goal of national forest programs is to lead and steer forest policy development and implementation processes in an inter-sectoral way (FAO 2006). National forest monitoring systems contribute to forest programs ...