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    • Análisis prospectivo de los bioinsumos agrícolas en Colombia: una consulta a expertos 

      Avellaneda, Laura; Zambrano, Gregorio; Corina-Zambrano, Diana; Rebeca-Bonilla, Ruth (Revista Colombiana de Biotecnología, 2015)
      Productivity and sustainability of agriculture in Colombia can be influenced positively through the use of biodiversity for the production of bioinoculants. They were analyzed in the medium and long term, the future scenarios ...
    • Copper deposition on fabrics by rf plasma sputtering for medical applications 

      Segura, G.; Guzmán, P.; Zúñiga, P.; Chaves, S.; Barrantes, Y.; Navarro, G.; Asenjo, J.; Guadamuz, S.; Vargas, V.; Chaves, J. (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2015-03)
      The present work is about preparation and characterization of RF sputtered Cu films on cotton by the usage of a Magnetron Sputter Source and 99.995% purity Cu target at room temperature. Cotton fabric samples of 1, 2 and ...
    • Industria de bioinsumos de uso agrícola en Colombia 

      Zambrano-Moreno, Diana Corina; Ramón-Rodríguez, Luisa Fernanda; Van Strahlen-Pérez, Mario; Bonilla-Buitrago, Ruth Rebeca (2015)
      Bio-products are primarily produced by using plant growthpromoting bacteria. This group of microorganisms is composed of different genera with the capability to stimulate plant growth increasing their productivity and ...