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    • On the Significance of Leaf Sides in Automatic Leaf-based Plant Species Identification 

      Carranza-Rojas, José; Mata-Montero, Erick (IEEE, 2016-11)
      Because the front side of a leaf and the underside are functionally very different – the former captures sunlight to produce photosynthesis and the latter absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen and vapor – they typically ...
    • Power, Reliability, Performance: One System to Rule Them All 

      Acun, Bilge; Langer, Akhil; Meneses-Rojas, Esteban; Menon, Harshitha; Sarood, Osman; Totoni, Ehsan; Kalé, Laxmikant (IEEE, 2016)
      En un diseño basado en el marco de programación paralelo Charm ++, un sistema de tiempo de ejecución adaptativo interactúa dinámicamente con el administrador de recursos de un centro de datos para controlar la energía ...
    • Using migratable objects to enhance fault tolerance schemes in supercomputers 

      Mendes, Celso; Meneses-Rojas, Esteban; Xiang, Ni; Gengbin, Zheng (IEEE Computer Society, 2015-07)
      Supercomputers have seen an exponential increase in their size in the last two decades. Such a high growth rate is expected to take us to exascale in the timeframe 2018-2022. But, to bring a productive exascale environment ...