Recent Submissions

  • Low back pain among office workers in three Spanish-speaking countries: Findings from the CUPID study 

    Campos-Fumero, Adriana; Delclos, George; Douphrate, David; Felknor, Sarah; Vargas-Prada, Sergio; Serra, Consol; Coggon, David; Ruiz- De Porras, David Gimeno (Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica. Escuela de Ingeniería en Seguridad Laboral, 2017)
    Objectives—To assess differences in the prevalence and incidence of low back pain (LBP) and associated disability among office workers in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Spain. Methods—Data were collected at baseline (n=947, ...
  • TICAREX: Exposiciones laborales a agentes cancerígenos y plaguicidas en Costa Rica 

    Chaves-Arce, Jorge; Partanenb, T.; Wessling, C.; Chaverri, F.; Monge, P.; Ruepert, C.; Aragón, A.; Kogevinas, M.; Hogstedt, C.; Kauppinen, T. (Archivos de prevención de riesgos laborales, 2005)
    The European data system CAREX takes the workforce of a country grouped into 55 economic sectors according to the International Economic Activity Classification (IEAC) of the United Nations, the second 1968 revision and ...