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    • The dilemma of combining positive and negative items in scales 

      Solís-Salazar, Martín (Colegio Oficial de Psicologos Asturias, 2015)
      Background: This study analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of combining negative and positive items in scales in a Spanish-speaking context. Method: Three telephone surveys of 233 people each were carried out. In ...
    • Towards a methodological guide to share knowledge when creating open educational resources 

      Espinoza-Guzmán, Julia; González, Liliana; Forero, Sergio; González, Ana María (LACLO 2016, 2016)
      People claim the right to study and learn what they desire, when and where they want; for this reason it is necessary to offer flexible training methods that provide real opportunities for independent learning. In order ...
    • Valoración ambiental para la generación de un modelo participativo de educación no formal 

      Villadiego-Lorduy, Jorge; Huffman-Schwocho, Dennis; Guerrero-Gómez, Stalyn; Rivero-Espitia, Sandra; Cortecero-Bossio, Adolfo (2015)
      The purpose of this article is to establish a diagnosis of the wetlands of Bañó and Negros based on the analysis and characterization of the social, economic and natural spheres in order to understand the causes of physical, ...